growth of 100 - actual portfolio

Historical Performance

Quarter Perf Deep Yield ARKK QQQ SPY
Q1-20 89.6% -12.1% -10.3% -19.4%
Q2-20 85.8% 62.1% 30.3% 20.2%
Q3-20 17.4% 29.0% 12.4% 9.0%
Q4-20 45.4% 37.5% 13.1% 12.1%
YTD-21 57.2% 24.5% 6.8% 4.4%
Name 1-month 3-month 12-month ann. vol
Deep Yield 43.3% 91.5% 579.8% 35.3%
ARKK 8.7% 66.1% 176.7% 39.4%
QQQ 5.0% 18.2% 44.4% 24.2%
SPY 2.4% 10.2% 16.6% 24.1%
model portfolio look-through

Sector Exposure %

model portfolio look-through

Factor Exposure %

Model Portfolio - cash long & short

what's the diff to actual portfolio
Ticker Weight 1-month perf Market Cap (billion)
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