Turbot is retired...It was an awesome bot and i loved it so much... hopefully im building something good enough to make the retirement worthy

Turbot is slack-bot that acts as your investment assistant and helps you boost your productivity in getting financial news and data.

Backed by its own machine-learning financial news crawler (, Turbot is able to answer your questions on stock price, company fundamentals, relative value comparison and so on.

It can also analyse news sentiments, make smart summaries of news, let you subscribe news of your favourite stocks and put them onto watch list so you'll get timely update right in your channel.

Its goal is to turbo how you acquire financial information and help you make decision more efficiently.

At this very early stage it only covers S&P 500 equities, and advanced valuation functions are only available to a selected number of users. But we're adding coverage (more stocks, FX, Fixed Income and Commodities) and opening more functions.

Click below 'Add to Slack' button, choose your team and channel and install it. (now it's invalid)

Read through if you want to know more and may the ### turn to $$$

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How to use Turbot?

### Though you could simply throw questions to Turbot, below keywords/commands may help you get infomation much quicker.



### If you want to use stock tickers in your questions, they have to be in CAPS. Company names however are case insensitive.


### New function: Turbot now can optimize portfolios for you!


### Quickly find your stock use 'match' or 'mm' function.


### Try the 'sector' function, it's awesome.


### You can even check the financial statement now, using 'fins' function. Say 'fins FB'


### You can ask Turbot to watch news and price movement for you, and update will be post into your authorised channel instead of direct message. And the message color is adjusted to the news sentiment (red:bearish--green:bullish--blue:neutral)




You might want to know:

### Data Coverage

At this early stage it only covers for S&P500 stocks, but we're working on providing data including more stocks, FX, commodity, fixed income and private comapnies.

### No Live Pricing - no trading

Our pricing of stocks are delayed between 5 to 15 minutes depending on the name and you should not rely on us for live pricing. We might provide living pricing in near future but Turbot believes in value investing (absolute value and relative value) and is there to help you get information in a smart and effecient way. It is NOT for trading(short term or momentum) purpose. See it as a productivity tool for investment.

### News Sentiments & Smart Summary

Our news sentiments is purely based on machine learning and should not be used as trading signals. Sentiment in financial news is a very subjective thing and sell-off in stock could mean great opportunity for buying. Turbot is running its own news crawler and analyser to generate a smart summary of news.

Still have questions? we can be contacted:

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Privacy & Data

Turbot does not monitor any channel activity and history - but only responds to direct messages or channel message with a mention of its name. Turbot does not save any data apart from what follows its commands, and the data is stored on, a facebook company that backs thousands of apps. The data will only be used to send news update and/or price alerts as requested by the user.